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About the Company

Finku is a personal finance application helping Indonesian consumers manage their finances better through financial tools. Our mission is to eliminate financial illiteracy in Indonesia, so that all Indonesian can leverage the existing financial ecosystem and make better financial decisions.

Job Description

We're all about growing a team of super talented folks who totally get our unique company vibe and values. This magical talent pool helps us be ready for anything – whether it's cooking up innovation, serving our awesome clients, or keeping our growth game strong. We're all about staying ahead of the curve, and by nurturing this awesome mix of potential candidates, we're keeping our crew fresh, dynamic, and ready to rock our industry. The Finku talent pool? Oh, it's our not-so-secret weapon for delivering excellence, staying adaptable, and making sure our clients are super happy while we chase long-term success. 🚀😄

Role Requirements

No specific requirements, but we prefer you to have a background in product marketing and content creation!

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