Head of Credit Operations


Jakarta, Indonesia




5 Years

About the Company

Finku is a personal finance application helping Indonesian consumers manage their finances better through financial tools. Our mission is to eliminate financial illiteracy in Indonesia, so that all Indonesian can leverage the existing financial ecosystem and make better financial decisions.

Job Description

  • Expand, manage and maintain credit partnership with key external stakeholders.
  • Lead the entire credit operations team to provide excellent service towards customer and lender.
  • Deliver tactical and tangible collection and risk management initiatives to provide healthy credit operations.
  • Create, uphold, update, revise and maintain all the internal credit operations process & procedure as needed.
  • Collaborate with technology team (Data & Machine Learning) to achieve effective & efficient credit operations process.

Role Requirements

  • At least 5 year solid experience in credit operations is mandatory.
  • Possess good managerial capabilities; has sufficient experience in managing team of 5 or more.
  • Comprehensive and complete knowledge for Indonesian law and regulations related with credit operations.
  • Naturally logical and structured; possess sufficient composure to maintain order in any working circumstances.
  • Strong analytical and numerical capabilities, more liked if has experience collaborating with data machine learning.

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Head of Credit Operations

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