Does money make you mean?

Inspired by a TED Talk by social psychologist Paul Piff:

Wealth changes behavior and how almost anyone's behavior can change when they're made to feel rich.

This topic of TED Talk in 2013 racked up to nearly 3 million views.

“The more money you have, the more focused on yourself you become, and less sensitive to the welfare of people around you,” Piff says. Piff argues that we should care about how money can alter our thinking because when we feel entitled, we are more likely to do the wrong things. We have seen that people are more likely to break ethical norms to serve their self-interest or lie to get ahead, cheat in games, or violate laws.

What can we do to bridge this distance?

"It’s not the case that wealthy people are corrupt. That’s a caricature. But wealth is a resource that comes with certain psychological tendencies. If wealth tends to drive a decrease in compassion and kindness and generosity, then we have to find ways to mitigate that." -Paul Piff.

That’s all for today. The kitten's expression sure describes today's post accurately. Be sure to stay tuned for more!

Written by Giselle, still struggling to manage my finances the right way

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