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At Finku, you actively engage professionally

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Highly agile environment

The fast-paced environment allows you to focus on high performance and innovation. You are trained to constantly adapt and execute your ideas quickly.

Room for growth & improvement

Take control of your own tasks with the support of your colleagues. Everyone is encouraged to learn and improve to their fullest potential

Positive work culture

The Finku family has created a strong bond between one another as we highlight the contribution of a healthy work environment in achieving quality performance.

Top of the tier collaboration

Everyone becomes a core part of the team and collaborative work is highly valued in the success of the app


major product releases on average every month


hours of human connection made at Finku


Indonesians’ lives made easier

Word on the streets, Finku is more than just a workplace


Looking for an internship in the FinTech industry?

Calling all those looking for an opportunity to gain practical experience in a fast-paced working environment and collaborate with colleagues beyond your department as well as our co-founders. Apply in any of our ad hoc internship listing or in our internship cycles: Spring (Dec - May, Deadline: October 20), Summer (Apr - Sept, Deadline: February 14), Fall (Aug - Dec, Deadline: June 6).

Team Spotlight

The talented teams that made Finku possible



Leaders of presentations with investors, managers of core technology developments & head of the hiring process are our expertise!



The brains of the Finku app! We build & maintain features of Finku through machine learning, programming & software development!


Product & UX

A team of brilliant minds researching & analysing data to formulate product strategies that are crucial for the development of Finku



All user acquisition, marketing, media content, partnerships and social medias are handled by our team!


Customer Experience

We assist & listen to our users regarding their difficulties & feedbacks, further analysed to improve our app!

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...and many more!

Thrive & grow in your career with us as we tackle the financial issues of Indonesians one at a time

The impact you’ve heard from us

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Outside of doing the never-ending business partnership meetings, calculating complex financial numbers...

Meet Out Co-Foun...

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Finku Friendship

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Over 70% of workers state that having a work best friend has improved their happiness and performance! Humans...

Behind The Scene

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Curious about the life behind Finku? Showing you a sneak peek of how we work as a team and friends...