Data Analyst Intern


Jakarta, Indonesia


Founder's Office


0-1 year

About the Company

Finku is a personal finance application helping Indonesian consumers manage their finances better through financial tools. Our mission is to eliminate financial illiteracy in Indonesia, so that all Indonesian can leverage the existing financial ecosystem and make better financial decisions.

Job Description

Role Responsibilities :

  • Develop data-driven insights & narratives to identify opportunities, generate hypotheses and experiment to validate these hypotheses
  • Exploring data to find actionable insights and make product recommendations through funnels, cohort analysis, long-term trends, user segmentation or regression models
  • Establish correlation & causation of different events in the user journey
  • Build reports & dashboards that enable a more data aware organization and reflect the health of different initiatives

Role Requirements

Role Requirements :

  • Hands-on experience with programming languages such as SQL and Python
  • Experience with data visualization tools like Looker
  • Strong communicator: Effectively synthesize, visualize, and communicate ideas to others
  • A critical thinker, self-aware, and use the available data to make decisions
  • Can breakdown a complex problem and identify actionable solutions

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Data Analyst Intern
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